European OMNIUM 15 Experience

My first trip to Europe was not what I expected.  I didn’t go cycling in France or visit cathedrals, castles, and museums with my family.  Instead I spent a week in Budapest and a week in Milan with OMNIUM 15.  The majority of my time in Europe was in a classroom, visiting businesses, and at an emotionally exhausting leadership retreat.  From the beginning of my experience with OMNIUM 15 I have been stretched way outside my comfort zone.


The people in the photo above are incredibly intelligent, driven, and confident people.  I still don’t know how I fit in among such a confident group of business leaders.  Throughout the last two weeks with this group I have become much more aware of my volatility and inability to commit due to low self-esteem and lack of confidence in myself.  Many people in this group have offered to hold me accountable and help me though these issues.

By the end of the two weeks in Europe with this group I have strengthened my connection to every individual in OMNIUM 15.  As a result I feel much more a part of this group.  These are people I will trust in business and in my personal life.

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