Being present, family time, and enriching friendships are what I value most in life.  I have two primary goals: have fun and be successful.  For me having fun is doing meaningful work.  I define success as making a positive difference in society while building meaningful relationships.

Wellness, inclusion and clean living are three areas I want to get more involved in.  Enjoying life is more valuable than giving up agency for a meaningless cause.  The future will be so much more pleasant for myself and my children if we take care of the world we live in.

Starting, building and investing in businesses is fun for me. My goal is to create meaningful work that provides opportunities to make positive changes in the world we live in. I value authenticity and transparency.

My career of starting businesses started in 2000.  The first business I started was a sole proprietorship in construction.  Then in 2001 I registered Family Guidance Services in Nebraska and went door to door selling religious books.  Both businesses failed.

In 2002 I joined the US Navy and became a Helicopter Search and Rescue Swimmer with collateral duties as an Aviation Warfare Systems Operator. For work I jumped out of helicopters into the open ocean, fired machine guns out the helicopter door, and tracked ships and submarines with radar and sonar.

Creating visual content has brought me joy since childhood.  Starting with my father’s Nikon and moving on through multiple Sony video cameras I’ve always had an interest in visual storytelling.  I earned my first $0.25 royalty selling a photo license of my wife running through iStock in 2008.  In 2010 I started adding video content to my portfolio.  During that time I also took several commercial and wedding contracts for both photos and video production.

Established in 2011 Kaspi Films was another one of my ventures.  It was one the first Canadian drone companies to legally fly (within Canada) a full-sized cinema camera.  Our first contract was for a car commercial and shortly after a beer commercial. Those two contracts quickly established Kaspi Films as the go-to UAV video service company for large scale film projects in both the entertainment and advertising spaces. We also landed contracts working with large scale real estate developments, tourism boards, documentaries, Olympians, popular TV shows, and a sports car commercial for the NFL Super Bowl.

My current role at Kaspi Creative is to designing creative portfolios.   FatCamera is a portfolio I’ve built that produces and distributes creative visual content to graphic designers, video editors, and corporate design, communications, and marketing departments around the world.

I see meaning in a world of authentic people with values and principles.  I really want to develop technology that helps us more easily communicate and preserve valuable messages with visual storytelling.  To do that I work on continuously on improving our organization’s strategies and ensuring the leadership team is aligned with our core values and primary objectives.


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