India Content for FatCamera

We sell images globally.  Now, thanks in part to my Rotman GEMBA module in India, we create images globally as well.  

When my travel schedule became available, I asked my wife if she wanted to join me on any of the trips.  Immediately, we decided that we wanted to bring the family, which includes 3 children, to the module in Delhi, India.  We are a family that values mindfulness, meditation, and all things out of the ordinary. We figured that India, in all its colourful and Eastern glory, would be the right choice.  

We were not mistaken.  

I knew that after classes were finished, I would want to create some value for FatCamera’s portfolio.  My wife is one of our producers and she worked her magic and produced photo shoots from Canada prior to the trip.  She was able to find a model who lives in Delhi who was able to help her connect to more models for various shoots.  He directed her to good locations and ways of doing shoots. After the module was done, we were able to do a few shoots, including a young Indian couple in Khan Market, a family with small children in a living room setting, and various local vendors at in Old Delhi.  

It was a fun and challenging experience to communicate with the models and learn how to best get the content that would be valuable in our portfolio.  It was also fun to watch my wife form new friendships, specifically with a local woman a little younger than herself. They ended up sharing cultural information and her new friend taught her all the great places to go and shop locally.  Another win.

Check out some of the content we brought back with us.


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