Who is Kaspi Creative, Fly View Production and FatCamera?

KaspiCreative-Logo-BlackKaspi Creative and Fly View Productions work together creating visual media content for the FatCamera portfolio.

Kaspi Creative is from Toronto, Ontario.  Fly View Productions is from Portland, Oregon.  Both companies travel regularly throughout North America and the world.  Both companies hire employees and freelancers on a regular basis to help with and lead productions.

Biographies of Team Leaders

Christopher Futcher

Christopher Futcher is the Founder of both Kaspi Creative Inc. and the FatCamera portfolio.

He spent six years in the US Navy, completing at the top of his class in the two year grueling Helicopter Search and Rescue Swimmer training.  Being stationed in Japan for four years he learned basic conversational Japanese and ran the Tokyo Marathon twice.

In 2008 after being honorably discharged from the navy Christopher entered the world of visual media production.  He has successfully lead the team to 10 consecutive years of top and bottom line growth.

When Christopher is not thinking about work he can be found reading, meditating, running, water skiing, and spending time with his wife and three young children out on their hobby farm, at the cottage or exploring the city.

Terri Lynn Futcher

Terri Lynn Futcher is the Executive Producer and primary photographer for Kaspi Creative.

After graduating from Southern Adventist University in Collegedale, Tennessee she spent some time in Guyana on a mission project.  Terri Lynn also spent a year in Mali, Africa and a year in Yokohama, Japan.

In addition to producing and directing shoots Terri Lynn home schools three wonderful children.  A flexible schedule allows her to travel with her family providing a unique educational experience.

When Terri Lynn is not working or teaching she will likely be found running or gardening.  In the summer she can occasionally be found at the cottage long-line barefoot water skiing.

Jonny Long

Jonny Long is the Executive Producer and primary photographer for Fly View Productions.

He graduated from Walla Walla University with a degree in Media. He played four years of collegiate basketball and was a 2x Athlete of the Year, All League selection, and an Academic All American.

After starting his career as a wedding and portrait photographer, he transitioned into providing commercial aerial drone services, establishing Fly View Aerial as one of the top aerial media content providers in the Pacific Northwest.

When he’s not strategizing work related matters, he loves to spend time with his nieces and nephews, read, play basketball, and explore the outdoors with his wife.

Meilani Long

Meilani Long is the Post Production Lead for Fly View Productions.

She graduated Magna Cum Laude from prestigious Lewis & Clark college in Portland, Oregon with a degree in Studio Art. After working as an administrative assistant in the greater Portland area for three years, she moved into a producer role with Fly View Aerial. While she wears many hats, she spends most of her time strategizing all matters related to post production, including being the lead photo editor.

When Meilani is not at work, she enjoys long summer days reading in a hammock, eating meals with family, and cuddling her pet rabbit, Pip. She’s traveled around the world with her husband, Jonny, and relishes the opportunity to experience other cultures and places.

Shaun Wilkens

Shaun Wilkens is the Director of Photography for Fly View Productions and primary video editor for both Fly View Productions and Kaspi Creative.

After earning his Business degree in 2011 from Walla Walla University, Shaun had stints living and working all over the world, including New Zealand. While traveling all over New Zealand he rediscovered his love for film and used the excitement of the emerging drone industry as a catalyst for creating content more frequently.

Upon returning to the United States, Shaun took a job working at a hospital in Portland, Oregon. for a short period before realizing that his passion was in creating art. He was reintroduced to Jonny  and began piloting commercial jobs for Fly View Aerial as an independent contractor in 2015. He later transitioned into the manager of all things video for the FatCamera portfolio.

When he’s not making videos for Fly View/FatCamera, he loves to VLog, work on his home, which is a converted sprinter van, and surf on the coast.

Full/Part Time Employees and Contractors

Lisa Polizzi is a producer for Kaspi Creative.

Erika Nininger is an editor and portfolio manager for Kaspi Creative.

Jairus Leeson is a videographer and video editor for Kaspi Creative.

Cory Rankin is a retoucher and uploader for Kaspi Creative.

Joseph Long is a retoucher and uploader for Fly View Productions.

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