11 Reasons We Love Shooting Stock

  1. We don’t have to wake up at 4:30am to arrive at a shoot before the sun comes up then shoot nonstop through sunset to please a demanding client. Our clients are silent and if they feel what we have created is good they purchase it.
  2. We can be creative in our own way without being rushed. However creative or uncreative we feel we can apply that to what we are creating.
  3. We are not waiting or hustling for the next big contract but instead watching the sales flow in hour by hour. My father once said he’d rather sell 100 hamburgers than 10 fillet mignons. His point is when you loose one client it doesn’t hurt as bad.
  4. We can travel when we want to and where we want to and with whom we want to. If we want to take our family to Hawaii to do some photo shoots there we can. If we want to spend time with relatives in Oregon or Arizona and squeeze in some shoots on the side to diversify our portfolio we can. If we just want to stay home and work on building our network here we can.
  5. We get to meet and get to know lots of interesting new people every year. At 16 photo shoots per month our contractor and model base is constantly growing. And when we travel we get to meet locals who can teach us about the area.
  6. We get to learn lots of new things about lots of different industries. One of our goals is to diversify our portfolio to meet the needs of as many designers and editors as possible. To do that we need to understand a broad range of things about each industry we are targeting creating content for.
  7. We get to work with smart and creative people who enjoy creating useful photos and video footage. Few things are more satisfying that working with people with similar core values and objectives.
  8. We get to take pictures and video of themes we are most interested in ourselves that reflect what we value. When we see or hear of something new to us that interests us we organize a photo shoot around it.
  9. We don’t have to worry about messing up or things not turning out. The cost of making mistakes is very low. If things don’t go as planned we can learn from the experience and do things better next time.
  10. We like treasure hunts. It’s a treasure hunt to find pictures and videos of our models used in projects around the world.
  11. We are good at it. It’s always fun to do something you feel you are good at doing.

Below is a video and picture that someone licensed today.

License this video here.

Stock photo of young adults taking a cell phone selfie.

License the photo above here.

More of our work here.


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