Christopher Futcher Photography

After nearly a year of research, learning, and calculations I’ve decided to invest in professional photography equipment to use to start a portfolio of stock images.  Hopefully I’ll be able to earn some extra cash to help pay for university.

NikonD3xI’ve noticed that there isn’t a good supply of diverse university students currently in microstock libraries.  The university I am attending is very diverse.  The students I’ve talked to are very willing to model.

To start I’m investing about $40,000 into equipment including a camera, lenses, computer, and software.  My camera of choice is the Nikon D3x.  The high megapixel count of 24MP will add value over the 12MP of the Nikon D700.  The computer I’ve chosen is an Apple Mac Pro.  And for software I’m going with the Adobe Creative Suite.

I’m looking forward to creating stock photos.

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