Life in the US Navy

I joined the US Navy in May 2002.  The first two years was training to become an Aviation Warefare Systems Operator and rescue swimmer with the HSL-51 Warlords on board an SH-60B helicopter.  Stationed in Atsugi, Japan I went on deployments throughout Asia and Micronesia.

I arrived in Yokohama Japan in 2004.
Fujisan 6
One of my first flights was around Mount Fuji (Fujisan).
USS Gary (FFG-51) 4
With HSL-51 I was deployed on the USS Gary.  This is a picture of the USS Gary in Pacific Ocean on its way to Saipan.
SAR Jumps in Okinawa
In Okinawa we did Search and Rescue training. This was the HSL-51 rescue swimmers.
SH-60B helicopter taking off on board the USS Gary near Micronesia.
Loading 50 Cal Gau-16
Weapons training near Okinawa, Japan.

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