A mindset of learning from difficult circumstances has helped me get to where I am. Through the years I have faced many challenges that have taught me to adapt. I hope to someday share some of the lessons I’ve learned more broadly.

In 2009, after six years in the US Navy, I moved to Canada with my wife to start a family and a business. A dozen years later we have four children, two dogs, 30 hens, a cat and a lizard on 45 acres close to town. Our business has grown every year since we started it.

I hope to share with others some of the lessons I’ve learned. Someday I’d like to become a life and business coach. I believe that if concepts like appreciating versus depreciating assets, compound growth, network effects and capital flows were better understood maybe the wealth gap wouldn’t be so large. I’d also enjoy helping people develop soft skills like self-awareness, resilience, empathy, motivation, and social-awareness. All are very important both in life and in business.

My favourite subjects are psychology, economics, finance, and innovation.

For fun I like to travel, dirt bike, waterski, skateboard, run, cycle, swim, and read.

My Personal Social Links: LinkedInFacebook | YouTube | Instagram

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My Corporate Social Links: Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram

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